The easiest way to import PST archives into your cloud

PST files are terribly unwieldy and suffer all sorts of problems, from data corruption to general inaccessibility. Our PST retriever tool can in expensively import your entire PST archive as PDFs and file attachments into the cloud storage environment of your choice

Preserve Metadata

When you import your PST file into a Box or Google Drive account, our tool preserves the imported emails' metadata using that storage solution's metadata functionality.

Fully Searchable

When your PST file is imported, each email is converted to a PDF document, which is fully indexed by your cloud. We also extract and save each attachment as separate files that are linked back to the PDF. Both of these features improves searchability.


The way emails are extracted from your PST is fully configurable. preserve the folder structure of the saved archive, and use email metadata such as the sender's email address or the email's subject line to create additional folders for organization.

Always Accessible

Once your PST is in the cloud, you can rest assured that you'll have access to it from anywhere, any time you need it. The cost of cloud storage is always decreasing, making it a very efficient place to store your data.

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